Contentteller Installation Guide
If you are not using Windows or want to manually install Contentteller using an FTP client, please read: Installation using an FTP client

The easiest way to install Contentteller with a Windows based machine is the Contentteller Windows installer. The Windows installer will automatically upload all needed files to the web server without the need of a FTP client.

Download the latest Contentteller .exe from the members area and double click it to launch the installer.

Click next to continue

Read the license agreement, then agree, and click next to continue.

Now you can choose where you want to install Contentteller. Choose "Install to a remove machine" and then click next to continue.

Now enter the details for the server where you want to upload Contentteller. You can click on Browse to choose a target directory.

Once you are done with this click OK and then next.

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